Top-notch communication and responsiveness, flexibility and overall cool people and products that match. What more could one ask for? Very satisfied!

Marcus Hurst, Owner Hurst Fine Diamonds

Jewelry Retailers

Built from the ground up specifically for retailers, Thinkspace Jeweler sports a robust jewelry website content and digital inventory management system. Our team of rockstar web developers and creatives have designed some of the web's most beautiful jewelry websites.

Designers & Vendors

Thinkspace Jeweler is a powerful platform that ties retailer websites to a massive back-end database that houses centrally managed digital inventory data. We've built awesome interfaces specifically for designers and vendors to utilize and take control of their data and brand.

Web Developers

Are you a web developer getting ready to work with a retail jeweler? Thinkspace Jeweler provides all of the essential capabilities and data for a jeweler's website, and beyond. Now you can focus on the client, their design, content strategy and ongoing maintenance needs.

Managed Digital Inventory

We'll do the heavy lifting. You focus on sales.

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There are thousands upon thousands of designer jewelry pieces. Our internal team of jewelry specialists actively maintain a massive central database of designer jewelry inventory that feeds all of our jewelry websites, in realtime.

Building out and maintaining a digital catalog of inventory for your website is a huge undertaking. Product images need to be tracked down and cleaned, inventory data has to be broken out into a database for proper website navigation, old items have to be removed, new items must be added as they're released... the list literally goes on.

With Thinkspace Jeweler, you can finally stop worrying about the state of your jewelry website's digital inventory and focus on what matters most... sales. We'll handle the rest.

Flexible Content Management System

Think, create, edit, publish... share.

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A beautiful website without a proper Content Management System (CMS) hinders your business. The functionality available to your website's backend is as important as the frontend. Unleash your website with Thinkspace Jeweler.

Thinkspace Jeweler's incredibly flexible and powerful content management system enables you and your staff to directly control your website's content and structure. From the simplest of quick edits to the most advanced content modifications, the world is in your hands.

Easily edit your jewelry website's content pages, rich media, navigation menus, blog posts, events, locations, testimonials, inventory and so, so much more with Thinkspace Jeweler.

Mobile Responsive for Smartphones and Tablets

Desktops, smartphones and tablets! Oh my!

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Every Thinkspace Jeweler website is fully mobile responsive right out of the box. In this modern day n' age, it simply doesn't make sense to have a website that is difficult to access on a smartphone or tablet.

You know what also doesn't make sense? Having to maintain two separate websites for different devices. Luckily, mobile responsive technology enables one website to function, as it should, on every single device that can access it. Your website will dynamically re-structure itself to fit natively on the device it's being viewed on and Thinkspace Jeweler brings this cutting edge web tech right to your doorstep.

Ecommerce, Accounts, Wishlists and Inquiries

You're gonna love this!

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Thinkspace Jeweler takes advantage of every opportunity to help you sell more jewelry. From ecommerce to wishlists and product inquiries that are fed directly to you and your staff as web leads, our jewelers have seen a substantial boost in sales.

Your website visitors will have all of the shopping tools they need at their disposal. Thinkspace Jeweler comes with a shopping cart and order fullfillment tools built right in, although you can disable it if you prefer. Regardless, every visitor can easily create an account, save items to their wishlist, group their favorites as they please and inquire on one or many pieces. Heck, they don't even have to have an account to inquire on anything whenever they want. Your sales staff is going to be busier than ever before with new web leads.

Social Media Integration

Like it? Love it? Pin it!

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Socialize on the web with your customers.

Thinkspace Jeweler gives you the tools you need to bridge the gap between your social media presence and your business. Studies have shown that customers are 50% more likely to purchase from a business that they are a fan of on Facebook. Thinkspace Jeweler integrates all of your social feeds directly on your website. Your visitors can easily share your inventory on any of their social profiles, empowering your brand.

Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Marketing

Drive targetted inbound marketing traffic that converts. Period.

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You wouldn't design a beautiful brochure without ever handing it out would you? Our in-house team of professional internet marketers help you win on the search engines. We're proven... many times over.

Inbound marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is exactly how the strongest businesses compete today. Let's face it, we use a search engine to find just about everything these days. Thinkspace Jeweler's proven internet marketing team has returned on investment time and time again. We'd be obliged to show you. Our track record speaks for itself.