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Thinkspace is a cutting-edge jewelry website platform that gives you the tools you need to effectively market and grow your business for the 21st century.

Your website's biggest responsibility is to drive new customers into your store, which is what we call online-to-offline (O2O) commerce. Thinkspace websites allow your customers to browse your newest products, submit inquiries directly to your store, create wishlists, and get a feel for who you are before they come in to shop.

Thinkspace is proud to be partnered with CBG to help the members do more business with each other by using the managed Thinksapce website platform in conjunction with Thinkspace Cloud where suppliers centrally manage their digital product catalog and brand assets within the websites of their authorized retailers.

Special Offers for CBG Members



Take a look at the special pricing we've set-up for CBG Members. We have website packages in many different price points to meet any budget. The set-up price determines how much time we spend with you during the website development and design customization process. Amazingly, all Thinkspace websites are configurable with the same functionality and you get to choose which features you want now and which you want to activate later at no additional charge. 

An ongoing monthly hosting fee starts at $250/mo and covers all future technology updates, server maintenance, new features, unlimited pages, virtually unlimited bandwidth, monthly support time, training and more...

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- Silver Package -

Our pre-designed Silver option is regularly $4,000 and it's the quickest and least expensive way to get a strong website put together for your business. Our Silver sites are templates that our team has designed in-house that can be customized with your desired colors, fonts, images, text, navigation, pages, and more. We're able to keep the cost low by having the homepage layouts and designs prebuilt. Just pick one you love and we're ready to go! You can view a few examples below.

CBG Show Special: $2,500

- Gold Package -

Our mid-tier Gold option involves you working with our Design Director to create a customized website which is regularly $7,000. Our Gold package is still affordable but gives you a greater level of design customization, as well as access to our design team's consultation. Here are some of the exciting websites that have been created using our Master Theme process:

CBG Show Special: $5,500

- Platinum Package -

This is our white glove option, which starts at $12,000 (regularly price) to work with our team in a series of weekly meetings to flush out the design and functional implementation. The sky is the limit here and you have the most control over page layouts and functionality so choose this package if your needs are to be truly unique. This tier of custom design and functionality can really set you apart, and we're happy to discuss new features and new changes to functionality for our platform here. Here are a few examples of Platinum Level websites:

CBG Show Special: Starting at: $9,500

Built For Teams

Accounts for your staff & marketers

Vendor Data Cloud

Cloud-fed inventory for your website

Flexible Content Management

Think, create, edit, publish... Share

Mobile Responsive

Desktops, smartphones & tablets

Sales & Lead Generation

Accounts, wishlists & inquires

Social Media Integration

Like it... love it... tweet it... pin it

SEO & Pay Per Click Ads

Drive targeted traffic that converts

Responsive Support

Friendly, knowledgable & US based

Evolutionary Functionality

Thinkspace platform functionality is constantly being developed as we listen to and respond to our client's needs. Make a suggestion that benefits all and there is no charge to anyone.  All of our features are optional which you can turn on or off at no additional charge. Ecommerce is also available as an optional feature at no additional charge when you are ready.

Product Catalogs

In all cases, we'll act on your behalf to go out and collect the digital catalogs from your preferred suppliers and normalize the data into your website for proper filtering and navigation at no charge to the vendor. Currently, we have the digital catalogs for more than 450 vendors and while many of them need some improvement, our dedicated data department is constantly reaching out for updates so you can stay focused on your business.

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Speak with one of our knowledgable representatives about how Thinkspace can help you achieve online success.