Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my Thinkspace powered website?

Similar to any subscription platform, we own all Thinkspace software including all Thinkspace web platform technology, content, and media. You own your content, customer data, product data and branding material. As part of our service to you, we grant a limited license to use Thinkspace as set forth in our Master Subscription Agreement. We also grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, and fully paid license to any of our content and media created for and/or used in your Thinkspace website. 

Are Thinkspace websites mobile friendly?

All themes and custom website designs hosted on the Thinkspace platform are mobile friendly. Each design is crafted for all the major breakpoints with specific attention paid to more popular devices, at that time period. 

Is Thinkspace e-commerce friendly?

Yes. Thinkspace has a fully integrated e-commerce system including on- and off-site payment gateway. We work with gateways such as, PayPal and Converge, just to name a few. We are also memo-cart friendly, as an alternative to online purchases, which means a customer is taken through the entire checkout process but payment will be handled in-store. We are constantly adding new features to our e-commerce system. Please ask your Project Manager or Sales Rep for updated information.

Can I add more pages to my website post-launch?

The days when companies charged for adding pages are long gone. On this note, you should be adding new pages or blog posts to your website on a semi-regular basis. If you are one of those jewelers where time is a deterrent, we will provide other recommendations to ensure you are making the most out of your website, and ultimately your online growth.

How many brands do you work with?

Thinkspace hosts over 1,200 brands with updates and additions occuring on a weekly basis. These updates are then dissementated to all of our sites in one fell swoop through the Thinkspace Vendor Cloud system for all retailers who have a verified vendor access policy. 

What customizations are available to themes?

Theme can be customized in a wide variety of ways, including: colors, fonts, navigation, page options, basic widget swapping. Features can be toggled on and off, and likewise content and media can be swapped-out. Nearly all of our pages have some sort of options available for further customization. And when switching a theme for a new theme or redesign, the majority of these options will stay in tact. 

Do you have training available for my website?

We have an ever-growing amount of training videos and support articles written for to help you navigate the admin of your website. We also provide individualized training for managing your website content, inventory and operations - just ask your Project Manager or Sales Rep for a scheduled training session. Likewise, during select times of the year, we also provide group training sessions on how to best utilize your website for customer retention, marketing practices, and many other helpful techniques.