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Jewelry Marketing

Thinkspace strives to be the best website tech company in the jewelry industry. Complimentary to our technology, we offer essential online marketing services and tools to help our clients excel.

PPC on Google Ads

Thinkspace is a certified Google Partner with a focus on running Google AdWords campaigns for independent jewelry retailers, including Search Engine Marketing, Google Display Remarketing and Google Shopping.


We've been running AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaings for years in 50+ markets around the country, which has helped us excel at running budgeted PPC campaigns for jewelers in any market.

We use advanced bidding strategies and targeting options to reach your target audience at the optimal cost and at the moment they are most likely to purchase.

SEO for Jewelry Websites

Simlar to any platform, all Thinkspace websites are equipped with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for search engine readability, where users may customize all page meta information.

We also offer a one-time SEO program designed to set the foundation for solid organic growth leading to more involved PPC campaigns. Our SEO techniques go far beyond analyzing just your website but rather looking at your overall online presence.

And most importantly, we look at our clients needs holistically and for each client, there is a slightly different approach based on their needs and objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we track as conversions?

You should be tracking wish lists, orders, appointments, reviews, contact form submissions, product inquiries, calls, newsletter subscriptions and more. The good news is you can find this information in Google Analytics. If you have any questions about how to access your Analytics account, please contact

What sort of digital marketing should I use?

The short answer is that marketing consumer goods today is omnichannel, meaning that you should do it all. But this does not have to be overwhelming and we've developed a tried and true approach to helping jewelers navigate the online marketing channels by focusing on the strategies that foster website engagement and in-store activity. We look at our clients' needs holistically and for each client, there is a slightly different approach based on their needs and objectives. 

Are Thinkspace websites optimized for Google?

In short, yes. All of our websites are optimized for Google and all the major search engines. Anything less would be counter-productive to your website growth and marketing efforts. By keeping up with today's accepted standards and best practices, we are able to offer the latest advancements and techniques to all of our customers. Our marketing services are further designed to keep you well ahead of the curve ensuring strong customer engagement for both prospective and current customers.

Is Thinkspace a Google Partner?

Yes, Thinkspace is a Google Partner and we manage more than $700,000 in Google ad spending each year! Our Google Partner status is renewed every year so that we are constantly keeping up with new Google products and improving our ad campaign strategies.

Do meta keywords matter?

All major search engines no longer use meta keywords as a ranking signal. Therefore, we have disabled the feature in Thinkspace. Using meta keywords can only hurt you as you're only making it easy for your competitors to see what you want to rank for without the benefit of actually ranking.

Why are the phone numbers changing on my website?

If you are using a call tracking service, such as the one we recommend called CallRail, you will see different tracking numbers based on the source of the call. It allows you to attribute the source of the call using dynamic number insertion. The phone numbers are routed to the respective local number. If you're still in doubt, test it out by calling the number shown.