Thinkspace Jewelry Website Showcase

The jewelry websites below are representative of our custom work from Silver to Gold up to Platinum designs.

Mars Jewelry

Thumbnail image of Mars Jewelry Brand Website

OC Tanner

Thumbnail image of OC Tanner Jeweler Website

Fana Jewelry

Thumbnail image of Fana Jewelry Brand Website

Kesslers Diamonds

Thumbnail image of Kesslers Diamonds Jeweler Website


Thumbnail image of Uneek Brand Website


Thumbnail image of Mednikow Jeweler Website

Shetler Fine Jewelers

Thumbnail image of Shetler Fine Jewelers Website

Canadian Rocks

Thumbnail image of Canadian Rocks Website

JF Kruse Jewelers

Thumbnail image of JF Kruse Jeweler Website

Quality Themes

Theme-based websites are the fastest and most cost-effective way to get your website online. All content on all pages can be updated to make the site your own.


Thinkspace Brilliant Jewelry Website Theme for Jewelers


Thinkspace Pear Jewelry Website Theme


Thinkspace Pear Jewelry Website Theme


Thinkspace Pear Jewelry Website Theme


Thinkspace Pear Jewelry Website Theme


Thinkspace Cushion Website Theme for Jewelers


Thinkspace Radiant Website Theme for Jewelry Stores


Thinkspace Trillion Jewelry Website Theme for Jewelers


Thinkspace Marquise Jewelry Website Theme for Jewelers


Thinkspace Asscher Jewelers Website Theme


Thinkspace Baguette Website Theme for Jewelry Retailers


Thinkspace Ruby Jewelry Website Theme for Jewelers


Thinkspace Amber Jewelry Website Theme for Jewelers

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you charge extra for e-commerce?

No. E-commerce is part of your subscription fee, and therefore we do not charge for it. You may launch with e-commerce, or wait until post-launch. The choice is yours. We do recommend launching with at least a memo-cart enabled providing a convenient way for both you and your customer to engage in a conversation. 

How much does support cost?

Support at the basic level is free, which includes 1-2 support tickets a month, with the understanding that right after post-launch you may have more questions than later on. If you expect to use support frequently, or we notice an abnormal amount of support tickets being issued, we will recommend an additional paid support plan. Please call your Sales Rep for more information.

How much do new features cost?

This is a three prong answer. All features that are included, are included at no additional cost. If you are requesting a custom feature, we may reduce or waive the fee based on the complexity, and/or the amount of users who will benefit from the feature. Some features on the other hand, are delivered in part by a third party. Please refer to the pricing page for more information.

Is there an annual contract?

The Thinkspace Master Subscription agreement is only signed once, and will perpetuate throughout your subscription. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is updated from time to time, and you will be notified of those occurrences.;

Can I customize my theme-based website?

Yes, to an extent. There are no direct design hours with our Creative Design department allocated to Silver website projects, so you must work within the website options to make customizations. We do provide an extensive library of resources. Each theme also has many built-in options allowing you to radically change the layout and its features as well as adjust colors and fonts. No matter the type of project, we ensure each website is best designed to match your brand.

If I pick a theme and want to change it later, can I do that?

You can change your theme at any point. Now, if you wish to change your theme after nearly all of your content has been added pre-launch, this will result in an extra fee, and an extended launch time. All themes are different, each highlighting different features, and ultimately a different design. If you are the typical client wishing to change your theme after the typical two year mark, this may result in an additional fee. Please contact your Sales Rep for information. 

I have a new feature request.

If you have a new feature request, please contact our support team. All features are weighed by the amount of users who will benefit from its functionality. If the feature is simple to implement and will be used by many, we will most likely implement this right away. If the request takes a bit more effort, this will be available in the next release. All platform releases and versions are free. If you need your feature immediately, please send us an email or contact your Sales Rep. 

When will my subscription start?

Your subscription starts the day you sign the Thinkspace Master Subscription Agreement. We do not charge the monthly fee until the project is launched, unless issues arise. The most common issues involve postponing and/or spending months in the project process past the agreed upon launch date.