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Tip to Show up for Products "Sold here" on Google Maps & Local Search

Google has quietly rolled out a new update this month that can be a big benefit for businesses with physical locations (like brick and mortar jewelry stores). As is often the case with Google, they have not published details on how this new system works quite yet (or even announced its existence), but we've done some testing to find out how it works and how 3 minutes of effort on your end can benefit for your store and get you to rank more highly for local search results related to jewelry. 

First, what are the changes? 

Google has added two new features to local search results, shown below in the screenshot. They are "their website mentions", and "Sold here":

So what do those two new fields mean for you? The first field, "their website mentions" is standard SEO stuff- it has always been important to have content related to your products on your site, and Google would use that information to help determine relevancy for search results. So that isn't particularly interesting yet. But the "Sold here" is new, and appears to be coming directly from questions that Google asks visitors to your store. In many cases when someone uses Google maps to go somewhere, they will be prompted with questions afterward asking about the place they just visited, including what products they sell and other details. This apparently will now factor directly into Google local results, and is important for helping make your site rank more highly.

So what can you do to help your business with this information? Easy, your Google maps page has an "answer questions" button on it. Note that this button will not always appear for every user for every business, and typically once you've answered the questions once with your account you won't be able to answer them again for the same business:

By clicking on that button, you can preemptively add information about your business that will be relevant to this new local search parameter.

We suggest you and your employees take 3 minutes to each use your own Google account and answer those questions about your store. The results appear to help increase your visibility with local searches under this new system.

Good luck!