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Here's a Surefire Way to See All Your Website-Generated Correspondences

Don't lose important emails to spam

Popular email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! are notorious for flagging valuable correspondence as spam. 

This overly ambitious screening can result in you missing out on messages sent by current and potential customers via your Contact UsSchedule Appointment and Product Inquiry forms. Missed messages could mean missed opportunities and unhappy customers.

But have no fear. Here's a surefire way to see every piece of correspondence ever generated by your site.

In the admin, go to Forms > Responses

The resulting page will reveal a cornucopia of every type of correspondence, ordered by date, with the newest items at the top.

The table also reveals the Form Type, Customer's Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Message, and it even provides thumbnails of the item(s) of interest in a Product Inquiry.

The dates shown in the Created column may be clicked to see the full message with additional details.

To delete old items, you may tick the box in the first column of any message and scroll to the Action pulldown menu (top-left of the table). Select the Action called 'Delete Selected Responses" and then click Apply. That's it.

In our next installment, we'll cover the secret to "White Listing" friendly sources of email to insure that they hit your Inbox.