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How to Swap Out a Main Slide Show Image on Your Homepage

It's your website's most valuable piece of real estate

The main slide show on your homepage is your website's most valuable piece of real estate, but all too often we see the same tired images remaining in place season after season. Just as it is essential to regularly update your display windows and in-store cases, it's critical to keep your website's homepage looking fresh and inviting.

And here's the good news... Swapping out a slide show image is extremely easy.

In the admin, go to Content > Slide Shows

The resulting page will reveal all the site’s slide shows, including the most important one — "Home." It also shows to the right how many slides are included in each slide show.

Click on Home.

This page reveals a numbered list of all the current slides in the homepage slide show. You will notice that each slide has an "Order" (lowest number will show first in the series) and a Status (either active or inactive).

To replace a current slide, simply click Choose File under the image you want to replace. That action will allow you to search your computer for a new file. (You may also drag-and-drop a file into the box that says "No File Selected.")

After the image has been selected, you may want to have it link to a particular page in your site. The selection called "URL" is where you would put the address for the link.

If the destination page is within your site, you only need to include the path of the URL (the extension after the .com of your address). For example, if the linked page was, you can simply use this extension: /designers/artcarved/

To add a slide to the slide show, scroll down to the first unused slide. Fill in the Order number, make sure the status is Active, Choose your File, and Link the image in the URL box.

Be sure to Save (blue box at the top right or bottom right.)

You're done.

If you can't determine the size of your homepage slide show images, please contact our helpful support team ( and we'll get you those proportions.

Quick tip: Most images will be 1920 x 600 pixels. Best formats are JPG and PNG and 72 pixels per inch. Try to keep files sizes under 200K to ensure quick load times. For help compressing your images try an online tool like

Looking for a great source of FREE images. Check out Unsplash.

For more info about managing your slide shows, see our Support Solutions article here.