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Add My Business to Apple Maps

How to get listed on Apple Maps

Help Customers Find Your Business on iPhones and iPads

Consumers are often on-the-go and the first place they go to discover local businesses are through maps - primarily Google & Apple Maps.

The most direct way of getting your business on Apple Maps is to use Apple Maps Connect. You need an Apple ID, but if you’re a Mac or iTunes user, you might already have one. In any event, it’s free to setup and add or update your business information at

Yelp Shares Customer Reviews with Apple Maps

Yelp Shares Customer Reviews on Apple Maps.

You might find that your business information is already listed on Apple Maps without your knowledge. That’s because Yelp has teamed up with Apple Maps to provide business data for local businesses. If available, update your existing business listing instead of creating a new listing. Furthermore, if your business data is incorrect on Apple Maps, it’s likely it needs to be updated on Yelp. To manage your free Yelp listing, go to