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COVID-19 Updates for Thinkspace Website & Google My Business Listings

COVID-19 Announcements

Keep Your Customers Aware of Any Changes to Your Business

If your local market has experienced limits on businesses or temporary store closures due to coronavirus, then you'll want to keep your customers posted. In addition to updating your hours on your website and Google My Business, you should make announcement of any changes to your business and continue to update customers of any developments.

Step 1: Updates on Your Website

  1. Create a blog post with details about any changes.
  2. Replace your home page slider with a blank banner announcing any changes.
  3. Add a widget to the header notice dock and link to the blog post. If you don't see this, please request it at
  4. Include an unobtrusive modal Pop-Up across the website or on a specific page.

Step 2: Create a Post on Google My Business

  1. Create a "What's new" post on all your Google My Business listings and link up the blog post on your website for details.
  2. Find your Google My Business listing(s) at
  3. Read more about other COVID-19 guidance on updating info on temporary closures for Google My Business.