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Becoming an Appointment-Only Jeweler

Going By Appointment-Only

Turn Your Business into Appointment-Only

In the last couple weeks, business as usual has become a thing of the past for most local retailers. Recent events have forced our retailers to reevaluate how they do business within their local market. Assuming you're not in total lockdown, then you might choose to limit contact between customers and your staff by going appointment-only.

We have several retailers who are always available by appointment-only, so this has been tested. These are not usual times and no business can operate as usual, so if the opportunity is still available, you might consider going by appointment only.

Steps for going appointment-only:

  1. Make sure you have an appointment form enabled.
  2. Add a call to action button for "Schedule an Appointment" across the website.
  3. Adjust your hours to enable Appointment for each day.

Set Appointment-Only Hours for Jewelry Store