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How to Find Facebook Pixel ID

Where to find your Facebook Pixel ID

Where's my Facebook Pixel ID, you ask? If you're being asked to provide your Facebook Pixel ID, you might have a difficult time hunting it down…

First, go to your Facebook Event Manager to find your Facebook Pixel ID.

Where to find your Facebook Pixel ID

The Facebook Pixel ID is the long string of numbers and it’s associated with the website marked in green in the screenshot above. If you scroll over the Facebook Pixel ID on the right, you can copy it to your clipboard. In most cases, you can install the pixel by providing the Pixel ID to your developer or website provider.

Interested in setting up Facebook Pixel on Thinkspace?

Setting up Facebook pixel is easy on Thinkspace. Once you’ve followed the steps above, go to your admin and navigate to Settings > Social. If your Pixel ID is still copied to the clipboard, then paste it where you see Facebook Pixel.

Where to add your Facebook Pixel ID on Thinkspace websites

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel enables Facebook Analytics to measure your website visitor activity and effectively reach your target audience with Facebook Ads.