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Getting Better Product Data for Jewelry Ecommerce Websites

The Key To Success For Jewelry Ecommerce Websites

How to jump ahead of the competition by improving your jewelry website product data.

Online shopping has become the norm for consumers, and every year the competition grows in the online space. One of the greatest areas for setting yourself apart and increasing your conversion rate is the jewelry website product data you provide. Irrelevant or incomplete data makes you inaccessible and unrelatable to consumers … causing them to move to a more “savvy” online competitor. Getting organized with better jewelry product photography, custom product names and descriptions are the best way to optimize your organic and paid marketing channels.

Why do we find ourselves drawn to certain retailers when it comes to online shopping? The answer is TRUST.

Consumers trust retailers with product data

A Person’s name defines who they are and distinguishes them, and this is true for products as well. A distinct and clear product name creates a sense of value and raises the chances of your product being sold. Conversion is the goal for any business, and a relevant and relatable product name is a great tool to achieve this.

Make Your Product Names Descriptive Yet Brief and Utilize Keywords

A well described product is a relevant one and will have a higher chance of being purchased. Being redundant with your product name will hurt its performance, so be sure to get to the point and only describe the most necessary elements. Keep the length of your product name short and simple for the most clarity.

Integrating Keywords is another useful way to successfully connect you with your consumers. You don’t want to load a product name full of keywords, but rather choose only the most relevant and essential ones. A great SEO tool for picking the proper keywords to use in your product product name is Google Keyword Planner.

Guidelines To Follow When Writing Product Names

Use a relevant product name that clearly describes your product, and make sure to distinguish between variants. This is especially important if you have multiple variations of the same product, such as carat weight, metal type, stone cut/shape, stone type or color etc. The best way to think about this is what are the distinguishing details of each product variant for the product name. For example, Wedding Band, Diamond, 2ctw, Oval Cut.

The goal is to be specific. Making your product name more distinct for your consumers makes it easier for them to pinpoint the right product on your website along with any of its possible variations. For example, you sell engagement rings, and have listed multiple different rings on your page, all distinguished through different metal types, stone cuts etc. Consumers need a fast and effortless way to recognize the product they were looking at to begin with.

A Quality Product Description is Important and Here’s Why

Product descriptions make your jewelry website look professional and trustworthy. Your products will sell and upsell themselves with a quality description. Taking the time to properly describe your product will distinguish you from competitors by telling consumers what your product will do for them that others don’t, and building value in what you offer.

A great product description in the jewelry world will briefly describe the design elements and distinguishing details about the piece and what makes it unique and beautiful. It should also include information about the components of the piece, such as carat weight, metal type, stone cut/shape, stone type, and any other elements the piece contains.

Let's say you had a 5 carat oval diamond wedding band for example. How would a possible product description look?

Example: 5 carats of Oval cut diamonds are set along this strikingly beautiful 18K gold band. pavé set diamonds accent the inner face of the ring, making sure you sparkle from every angle.

This description tells us about “what” this piece is and “why” it has value. You can be as creative as you want, as long as you stick to the point about what the description should be telling the customer.

High Quality Product Images are Important for Ecommerce

You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” An image can convey multiple ideas and feelings and is also essential in building trust when it comes to ecommerce. In this day and age, the powerful use of imagery for business success is well known, but what is less recognized is the power of a high quality image.

Although not everyone processes information through sight, quite a lot of us do, and the combination of a proper product name, description, and high quality image are surefire ways to set you apart and make you a successful ecommerce business.

A High Quality Image is Worth Sharing

Our world revolves around social media and shareability has become its own form of currency. Social media savvy shoppers like to share their purchases and products they are excited about, and having high quality images makes you a brand or retailer worth talking about. Humans are visual by nature, and a high quality product image is one of the greatest ways to advertise.

High Quality Images are an SEO's Best Friend

Optimized product names and descriptions are great, but high quality images can take your site’s SEO capabilities to the next level. Every image includes a file name and alternative-text (for screen readers and as back up for when images don’t load) that can be customized for optimizing your sites organic search ranking.

How Do I Improve My Product Images?

There are several ways now to improve your product images for the most success in ecommerce. Sometimes it may be as simple as making sure you have the right file format and image size loaded on to your website, and other times new photos may need to be taken of your jewelry products. One of the newest ways that is growing in popularity to maximize the visual success of your products, is photorealistic 3D jewelry product rendering. No matter which route you choose, it’s never a wasted effort to improve your jewelry product images. Read our tips on how to take photos of jewelry to help you get started.