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Schedule Product Data from Your Website to Instagram or Facebook

The rise of ecommerce has led to a sudden interest in connecting product data on jewelry websites to Facebook & Instagram.

In a recent article, we detailed how to prepare your website product data. In this article, we’ll learn how to use your product data to schedule a feed to automatically update your Facebook & Instagram with products directly from your Thinkspace website or any site that supports the scheduled feed for Facebook Catalog Manager.

Our system supports scheduled feeds by brand, so you can automatically sync products from a given brand on your website to Facebook & Instagram. There are a few basic requirements your product data must meet before you are eligible for Facebook Catalog Manager.

Product Data Requirements for Facebook & Instagram

The requirements for your product data on Facebook & Instagram are compatible with the steps to sell your products online. Although you are not required to set up ecommerce for Facebook & Instagram to work, these steps create an opportunity to sell online or offer a more accurate reflection of what’s available in store. Whether you are actually selling via ecommerce or not, they help positively influence your jewelry website product data by pointing out areas where you might have missing product attributes.

For every product, we encourage you to include jewelry product photos, product titles (“name” in Thinkspace) and a product description. If a vendor you work with does not provide these product attributes, you should encourage them to provide it or use a local override to customize your website product inventory.

When you upload your product data, Facebook will reject a feed without prices and will flag items for missing jewelry photos, titles and descriptions. These are common errors that are resolved by updating items on your website.

What is Facebook Catalog Manager?

Facebook Catalog Manager is a centralized tool for managing your products to share on Facebook & Instagram. You can upload your products manually one at a time or you can use an automated solution such as scheduled feeds to connect to your website product data and update hourly (not recommended), daily or weekly. In Thinkspace, you can add a data source by brand. Once the products are uploaded to Facebook Catalog Manager, you can run jewelry advertising or add your jewelry to Facebook Shops.

Linking Facebook to Your Website on Thinkspace

If you already have a Thinkspace website, please reach out to to request your feed urls. Please indicate which brands you wish to use and make sure your pricing and markups are set up.

Are you ready to link Facebook to your jewelry website? Let’s get started.

How to schedule product data feeds from your website to Facebook Catalog Manager

Step #1: Select Your Catalog Type

Step #2: Configure Your Settings

Step #3: Finish Catalog

Step #4: View Catalog

Step #5: Add Data Sources

Step #6: Add Items to Your Catalog

Step #7: Use Bulk Upload: Choose Upload Option

Step #8: Use Bulk Upload: Set Up Feed

Step #9: Use Bulk Upload: Schedule Updates

Step #10: Use Bulk Upload: Complete Settings

Step #11: Upload In Progress

From there, you can connect to Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager to keep your jewelry inventory on the same page.