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Thinkspace Vendor The Best B2B Experience

Offering all the B2B functionality you need to manage your wholesale business, relationships, purchase orders, product catalog extensions, marketing library, SPIFF management, store locator and more.

As a single unified platform, Thinkspace Vendor allows you to centrally manage all of your products and brand collateral within the websites of your authorized retailers, on any platform.

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Business-to-business eCommerce

Silver Package

Choose from our exciting theme-layouts and customize it with your desired colors, fonts, images, text, navigation, page options, and more. All home pages are prebuilt with extensive B2B features under the hood.

Gold Package

Receive everything in the Silver package, plus direct collaboration with our in-house design team. Customize the structure, or mix and match components from other themes to create a unique and original website.

Platinum Package

Our platinum package is custom and is designed for those brands who want to work with our team to shape and form all the subtleties and details of their website in order to create an ultimate reflection of their brand.

Thinkspace Design Packages

Answers to some of your questions

Category: Thinkspace Vendors

What is the Thinkspace Vendor platform?

Thinkspace Vendor manages the B2B needs of diamond and jewelry manufacturers, brands and distributors. All the features of the Thinkspace Retail platform are included, plus all the B2B vendor features. The Thinkspace Vendor platform enables vendors to cost-effectively manage all their online digital needs and retailer partnership programs with one system.

Can Thinkspace connect to my inventory system?

Yes, provided your system has the ability to export product files, which most do. We currently work with many providers including NaVision, JewelBase, Edge, Arms, ASC, Chaindrive and more.  We encourage you to speak with one of our knowledgeable Sales Reps to learn more.

What are embeddable links?

Embeddable links are part of the Thinkspace Vendor platform and help you position your digital product catalog within the websites of your authorized retailers. Embeddable links are beneficial to use when it is too difficult to manage a native data feed. Unfortunately, it is not possible for authorized retailers to conduct e-commerce from embeddable links since the products do not reside on their website. Websites connected to the Thinkspace network receive native data allowing retailers to do e-commerce from their own shopping cart. 

How does your Retail Store Locator function?

The Retail Store Locator is designed for brands to push consumers to a local authorized retailer for sales and service. You must submit an excel spreadsheet with the authorized store name, contact and location information. The Thinkspace Store Locator uses zip codes to pair consumers with local retailers based on a geographic radius.

How does Thinkspace handle my B2B2C needs?

We recognize that a wholesale manufacturer's B2B needs are different than a brand's B2B2C needs. For vendors looking to work in partnership with their local authorized retailers, we offer the perfect solution by utilizing the Thinkspace Retail platform and the Thinkspace Vendor platform to give you total control of your message to each audience.